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Another photograph from the same puppy

this man ran a country for 8 fucking years


I follow back

wit da bae

Cute socks😍
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Are you still there?

Our father who is in heaven are you still there? Can you come to my rescue if you’re near? A trial everyday is what I face, I judge myself when you control the case. Searching for approval in all the wrong places, the enemies I battle have so many faces. My biggest fight feels like it comes from within, can you give me the answer to put this war to an end. I listen to the silence for the sound of your voice, my faith in your glory leaves me no choice. I speak with you to hear what you ask, to control my thoughts is a hell of a task. A while ago our bond was oh so strong, why haven’t I felt you in oh so long. I heard that you’re quiet in the midst of a storm, I pray everyday that you make me strong. You sent me a bird his color was so beautiful and blue, he symbolized the joy that I receive from you. I love you with all the strength that I can bare, just please let me know that you’re still there, amen. -HaroldP.


me shaking hands with people i dont fuck with


Now You Know more Black History Facts. (Source)

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